Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams: Why Are They Necessary?

Your children's eye exam might sound unnecessary or an expensive aspect that you don’t want to consider. This is the perception that a considerable number of parents have been adopting. At 4i's Optical in Alpine, TX, we've seen it all, and we believe these examinations are a must-have for your kids. We encourage parents to consider pediatric eye exams because they offer the following benefits. 

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Enhanced School Performance

Every parent wants their kids to have good grades in school, and pediatric eye exams can help with that. When your child is undergoing an eye exam, the eye doctor will evaluate for any refractive errors such as farsightedness or nearsightedness. If found, then corrective lenses can be prescribed, giving your children sharper vision and a better ability to focus on the school lessons. You don't want your children to record poor grades due to poor vision problems that can be eliminated through simple eye care approaches.

Detecting Vision Problems Early

Your children's eye exam can detect any problems with your children's vision early on and prevent them from becoming more serious later in life. An optometrist will look for any signs of glaucoma, cataracts, crossed eyes, and other vision problems. Your child can enjoy much better outcomes if found and treated early on. The optometrist will also check if the eyes work correctly as a team so that they both focus on the same object simultaneously.

Overall Health Checkup

Regular eye analysis is critical in safeguarding your children's overall health. Some diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, can manifest through changes in the eyes. The eye doctor will check for any signs of these conditions and refer them to other medical professionals if needed. You should give considerable health attention to your child's eyes and other body parts for overall health.

Enhanced Vision

Generally, the overall health of your child's vision depends on how often they get eye exams. Your local optometry facility will adjust their glasses' power and recommend contact lenses for astigmatism patients. Treating vision problems early on is much easier before they become more serious.

Get Prescription Lenses

You might buy prescription lenses from a regular store for your children, but this won't be ideal. The frames and lenses you buy in stores don't measure up to the ones prescribed by an eye expert. Ensure your kids get their vision tests with the eye specialist for better results. However, for your children to get the best prescription lenses, it's essential to indicate that they must go through eye checkups.

Visit Our Optometry Today for Eye Exams

At 4i's Optical in Alpine, TX, we understand how important it is to have pediatric eye exams. We pride ourselves in offering excellent eye care services to help your children enjoy the best vision possible. Contact us at 432-837-3699 for more information and to schedule an appointment with our optometrist.

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